012: JESS GIBSON - Travel Blogger


This week on The Creative Leap is travel blogger Jess Gibson whose award winning blog, The Travelista recently celebrated its fifth year running. Jess started travel writing whilst doing an unpaid internship and found a love of mixing writing with travel which she turned into a successful blog. Since starting the blog, she has travelled to over 30 countries and wrote amazing content for each one and build an engaged audience which has allowed her to take her business full time.

We have a chat about why travel blogging isn't all about going on holiday, why sometimes a creative crawl instead of a leap is the better option and choosing the correct opportunities based on your audience. 

Find Jess below:



How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger - The Travelista
My Design Project with Jess

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The Creative Leap Episode 12 with Travel Blogger Jess Gibson (The Travelista) | Small Business Advice | How to Make Money as a travel blogger | Where to start when you want to blog