011: SAPPHIRE BATES - Events Florist


This week on The Creative Leap I am talking to Sapphire Bates who runs two incredible business, The Flower Arranger and The Coven Girl Gang. Sapphire started her own florist business after she had been travelling and got home to a blank slate and since then it has gone from strength to strength. She then created The Coven Girl Gang which is launching fully in May 2018, to educate and bring together creative business women all over the world.

We talk about her girl gang and why community over competition is so important, how to manage multiple businesses at the same time and why you can't take your business personally. 

Find Sapphire below:



The Coven Girl Gang Facebook Group
The Coven Instagram

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The Creative Leap Episode 11 with Events Florist Sapphire Bates | Small Business Advice | Creating and being involved in a community as a business owner | How to manage multiple income streams