009: NESHA WOOLERY - Business Mentor


This week on The Creative Leap is Business Mentor for Female Freelancers, Nesha Woolery. Nesha started her journey as a blog designer (like myself!) and then transitioned to design studio and then finally educator and mentor for business owners. Her courses and groups are a huge help to hundreds of freelancers and I found out about Nesha a while ago through her incredible content and went on to do her course Organize & Automate.

We chat about why passive income isn't always as passive as you think, how you can use free and valuable content to keep an audience connected and more likely to work with you and why planning your income can ultimately help it grow.

Find Nesha below:

Facebook Group


Nesha's Course Organize & Automate
Nesha's Income Plan

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The Creative Leap Episode 9 with Business Mentor Nesha Woolery | Small Business Advice | Creating passive income in your business | How to plan your income | Designer business tips