008: LUCI BURGESS-FARWELL - Creative Virtual Assistant & Designer


This week on The Creative Leap is Creative Virtual Assistant and Designer, Luci Burgess-Farwell. Luci works with creative female business owners to offer design and technical support and also offers amazing branding, website and launch design services. She has really made her own niche when it comes to the services she provides and because of that is someone I have wanted to work with for a long time and finally got to a couple of months ago!

We chat about how to stay organised managing a large number of clients, how to approach marketing and putting yourself out there in a less 'icky' way and how to completely pivot your business from one set of services to another.

Find Luci below:


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The Creative Leap Episode 8 with Creative Virtual Assistant Luci Burgess-Farwell | Small Business Advice | How to manage lots of clients at the same time | Pivot Your Business