007: CAT BYRNE - Branding & Website Designer


This week on The Creative Leap, I am doing something a bit different and I am my own guest! I have asked around for questions from listeners of the podcast and I got some amazing questions so had to answer them for you. Thank you to everyone who sent me a question and I hope I can help you out!

I talk about my struggles with burnout when I got started, how confidence in yourself can help you price your work appropriately and why you can only help yourself with your productivity.


Jen Carrington
Nesha Woolery 2018 Income Plan
Adobe Creative Cloud
One Girl Band

I have also written quite a lot about my personal experiences on the Gatto Blog if you want to go and have a read!

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The Creative Leap Episode 7 with Branding & Website Designer Cat Byrne (Gatto) | Small Business Podcast | How to be confident in your work | Designer productivity tips