002: LOLA HOAD - Coach/Podcaster/Founder of One Girl Band


I recently met up with Lola Hoad in her amazing space in Brighton and had to pick her brain on all things business and being a 'slashy'. Lola started her journey as a designer, went on to create female business collective, One Girl Band and now is a creative coach, writer and podcaster. Having so many job titles is such a new concept but Lola does it perfectly and manages to keep a balance with everything she does. 

We talk about how self-care comes into a work/life balance, why talking about money is crucial for entrepreneurs and how your idea of success has to keep evolving if you want to be 'successful'.


You Are A Badass At Making Money - Jen Sincero
The Thirty Three Method

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The Creative Leap Episode 2 with Founder of One Girl Band Lola Hoad | Small Business Podcast | Having a multi-hyphen career | How to talk about money