I'm Cat! The host of The Creative Leap and a creative designer running the business of my dreams

But that wasn't always the case... 

I was once stuck in a dead end job which didn't motivate me and made me dread Mondays more than anything else. I sat at a desk behind a computer working on tasks which made me bored and counting down the minutes until I could get home and do what I really wanted to do - work on my creative hobby designing websites.

And then, in 2015 I made my dreams a reality and turned my hobby into my business which fills me with passion, enjoyment and the lifestyle I have always wanted. And guys...


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Weekly Chats with Creative Ladies

Join me whilst I chat to other women who have formed a career from their hobbies and learn tips and tricks so you can do the same. Every week we will hear a different inspirational story from women all around the world in all different areas.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Take the Leap

Each week you will learn about creating a business in a different industry which will help you with any questions you have. Make the leap and start your own venture!

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